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License Agreement

KNSTUDIO Photography Non-Exclusive License Agreement

All of the photographs on the disc are the copyright of Kamil Napieraj KNstudio Photography. All
rights reserved.

Kamil Napieraj KNstudio Photography does hereby grant limited rights to reproduce images for
personal use. Images may only be used for personal display and usage and may not
be used in connection with any business activity undertaken by you or a third party. If
you are approached for photographs by third parties such as other wedding vendors
or magazines please ask them to contact Kamil Napieraj KNstudio Photography directly.
Images may not be manipulated in any manner except for cropping for printing or
changing colour to black and white.

In the event images are displayed on a public forum (i.e. website or social networking
site like Facebook, Myspace) credit must be given to the photographer and
copyright must be noted in 10 point font or larger in clear view.
File Information:

All high resolution images contained on this disc are colour corrected sRGB jpeg files
at 300 ppi. Sizes vary depending on cropping but the files should produce quality
prints up to 20” x 16” print size. To be sure of high standard reproduction and
presentation of high quality wall art you are best to order from KNstudio Photography directly. Kamil Napieraj KNstudio Photography will not be held liable for poor
reproduction of images due to the use of incorrectly calibrated printing and
presentation equipment.

Protection of Images on Media:

It is your responsibility to protect your images through proper storage and back-up
methods. We recommend that you select high quality media to back-up your files,
such as Taiyo Yuden, Verbatim or Memorex. You should back-up your files as soon as
possible and it would be wise to make multiple copies and store some of the media
off-site. The references on the disc are equivalent to those in our archive. When you
back up you should ensure that you copy every file and that the numbering has not
shifted. When ordering extra prints from KNstudio Photography please refer to the
number on the supplied disc or our web-proofing gallery. The life of the media is not
known so please take precautions to make new copies every year. In the event that
your files are damaged KNstudio Photography has no responsibility to replace
the lost images.


Not all printers and labs are equal, the quality of your images, to include paper,
archival life and colour rendition, will vary. These files are colour corrected so ask your
printer to turn off the automatic colour correction or your prints may come out wrong.

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