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If you have decided to read this articule, I assume that you’ve just made the most important choice in your life, the partner you want to share your life with for the rest of your days. Then, it comes to a wedding and a choice of guests, church, venue, dress, suit, make up etc. make you shiver. The list is endless and everything seems to be equally important.
The undeniable fact is that you want this big day to be remembered, the one and only special moment to be kept forever and always bringing back the good memories. You do need a good photographer. The good means, a professional who will be able to capture this particular day in a most candid way, making you feel relaxed and by means of a camera and his or her original approach, will reveal a magic of this big day.
Nowadays there is a plentiful of everything, plentiful of good photographers too. How to find the right one?
As with finding the right partner, you need to know what you want. It must be your conscious choice based on your likings.
To help you realize what you really need I share with you some key issues you should look at when hunting for a wedding photographer.


First of all, it is good to ask your friends if they can recommend someone. Ask about their experience and think if it meets your expectations. Sniff around your local area, photography studios and of course browse the websites. Be a detective and find out “whodunit”…right.
Look, compare and select who do you think is the best for you and also, affordable. However, let not the price lead you to the final decision. Be wise and reasonable. The cheapest options not necessarily go with the quality. However, the most expensive also does not mean the better.
Simply, you must like the photographs and have a good feeling about them and if they are in your price range, then, go for it.


Once you’ve got a selected photographers, make sure you’ll see loads of the samples of their photographs in different circumstances, locations, weather conditions and variety of photographic scenes such as group photographs, portraits, close ups etc. What’s important is the fexibility of the photographer. It means he or she can take a good shot “whatever the weather” and make it unique even if the session takes place just in a local park.

Wedding storybooks and albums.


Choose the style which suits you, whether it is a traditional/classic, reportage/documentry, the one with an artistic twist, or a mix.
Maybe you just want a posed, formal shots with your newlywed and your family, then you can stick to a classic, formal approach. You may prefer less intervention from the photographer and choose a documentry technique. If you are more demanding, then you will look for more creative solutions rather then only a good skills and artistic photography will be the right for you. A mixture of all can be possible as well.


A good wedding photographer must be an experienced professional, knowing the craft well. He or she must know how to use the light properly as the photography is “recording of light rays.” Therefore, a good picture depends on how we embrace the light, either natural or artificial. For this reason, we can catch the scam photographer by examining his works in different conditions, such as outdoors in a bright sunlight of the summer, limited light in winter, in a night light, inside with artificial light or natural light coming through the windows. Other elements worth analysing are :composition, use of different angles, elements of a setting, focusing on details and original approach to a standard wedding scenes.

You can see how to make WOW shoots, using my latest digital photo touch up techniques. I have worked hard at developing my phtotshop and retouching skills. Hope you like it and see if you can find the difference.:)


The good photographer will find himself/herself in all circumstances, no matter if they have been in a particular setting before or it is the first time.
An experienced artist will be ready to capture not only those scheduled scenarios such as saying “I do”, leaving the church by the newlyweds or cutting the cake. The role of a good photographer is to be attentive at all times and seeing things which others do not notice or which are enexpected and capturing those little


See how the photoghraphs you look at make you feel, wether you believe they are honest and natural or seem posed too much and artificial.
A good photgraphy will show people and things how they really are. This is the motto of KN Studio Wedding Photography.
During the special occasion such as a wedding, people’s emotions are the key to capture the real atmosphere of a great day. Especially those joyous feelings will fill the frame of a picture , but let not be mistaken by the “cheesy, ”and faked happiness. Only a good atmosphere created by a good photographer can produce a natural and relaxed atmosphere, real emotions, true romance, spontaneous reactions instead of forced and “ too perfect” smiles.The picture will tell you the truth if you look more carefully which you obviously do, following my advice.

Part 3.: INTERVIEW with a potential wedding photographer.

As you know now what types of photography you want on your wedding day, it is time to face the authors. I believe that if you were able to choose the right partner for a whole life, then you will be able to choose a right photgrapher for a whole day.
You must bear in mind that this person will accompany you and your guests in your personal circumstances and will be part of your family for this big day. You have to make sure that your personalities match, you get on well, have the same vision, understand each other and will feel comfortable having him or her around on
your wedding day.
It is a good idea to make a list of your requirements and ideas and iclude the schedule of the event, then discuss it with a photographer to make sure you’ll get what you want. Don’t forget to to make the money issue clear so that there will be no misunderstanding later. A good comunication is a must.
Other issues to check on is an a proper photography equipment including backup camera and lenses (just in case), as well as a valid insurance.
With these pieces of information a decision will be easier to make. There is also possibility to organize a prewedding session, which for example, KN Studio Photography offers to its clients, to make sure that is the rigth choice for your big day.
I hope that the above tips will be helpful for you so that you will be in best hands on the best day of your life.

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